Terms and conditions

We're not keen on weighing you down with rules -- you're on holiday after all!  But in the interests of things running smoothly for you, and above all to keep everyone safe, it's important to set out a few basic guidelines and house rules upfront.  Only if you really don't respect these would we ever step in.

Reservations and payments

Please see our rates page on the website.  Your reservation is only valid once we've received your deposit.  You must settle your balance at least ten working days before the start of your rental.

Security deposit

You must lodge a security deposit of €500 with me before you take possession of the gîte.  This can be in the form of cash or a cheque drawn on a French bank account.

Arrival and departure

Please do not arrive before 17:00 except by prior arrangement.  On big summer changeover days we need every minute to get the gîte ready for you!

For the same reason, please leave promptly at 10:00 a.m. on your day of departure.  Do not leave until we have had a chance to check everything is in order and return your security deposit.  If you do want to stay later, please talk to us in advance and if we can we will extend your stay at a nominal daily rate.


We do a thorough clean before each rental.  If you're not happy with what we've done, don't hesitate to ask us to follow through with anything else you feel is necessary.

Before you leave you must also do a clean, not only of the gîte itself but also of the pool area and the barbecue.  If you've moved anything around, put it back in its original place.  Please leave everything tidy and report any damage to us immediately.  If you've moved any items around please return them to their original positions.

General safety

Please apply common sense and pay special attention to your children, above all at the pool and in the games room.  Be careful when operating the shutters.  Please remember that the courtyard is a shared space and our children and the children of other guests may be present.  So please keep all gates shut so that children cannot wander out onto the road.

The two tables in front of the gite entrance, the barbecue and the little playground are for your exclusive use. You are welcome to explore the courtyard garden, but we ask that you do not go into the upper part of the courtyard (beyond the two fig trees facing each other) as it is private and contains dilapidated buildings.

Pool safety

Normally the pool is open from 11am to 9.30pm (or by arrangement) and is for your exclusive use throughout your stay. However, please remember that it can be very dangerous for children and non-swimmers.

Immediately after your arrival we will show you all how our officially approved alarm system works. It goes off when any object or person weighing more than 6 kg falls into the water. In addition, there is a wooden gate that separates the enclosed garden from the pool area, and it is intentionally tricky to open.

Do not dive into the pool.  

The swings by the pool are for use by small children only. 


We do not generally allow parties but we may be willing to make an exception under certain circumstances.  Please contact us.


I welcome up to two animals per party but you must respect the following conditions:

  • Notify us by email or SMS well in advance
  • Bring a bed and/or blanket to prevent your pets from climbing directly onto the armchairs, sofas, beds etc.
  • Dogs must be kept on a lead outside the gîte.
  • Please pick up after your dog immediately.
  • For reasons of hygiene, pets are strictly forbidden in the swimming pool area.
  • Do not leave pet food out in bowls on the floor etc.

No exceptions to these rules, sorry.


Never smoke or vape in the gîte or anywhere very near to it. This is a strictly non-smoking area.  Do not 'have a smoke out of the window'.
If you smoke in the garden or on the balcony, please collect all your cigarette butts and be aware of the fire hazard.


The peacefulness of our setting is greatly appreciated by our guests -- and by our neighbours and us. Please be considerate and avoid making excessive noise or having your music on too loud.

Please don't linger outside the gîte beyond 23:00 as the courtyard has a way of amplifying animated late-night conversations! 


Please treat all equipment with respect.  You are responsible for the interior and exterior equipment (shutters, parasols, table tennis table etc.) in all circumstances (rain, strong wind, etc.).

Do not tamper with the pool cleaning systems, including the robot, or any timers.  We'll be happy to adjust them for you.

We are not yet connected to the public sewerage system; we rely on a septic tank.  Please do not throw anything solid or bulky into the toilets or the kitchen sink. Please use the sink strainer and avoid letting food waste such as rice, pasta or couscous go down the drain. 

Do not turn on the heating inside the gîte or the outside lighting in the courtyard garden yourselves. Just let us know if you need it and we will take care of it for you.

Please take your own rubbish up to the communal bins regularly.  France recycles more categories of waste than some other countries, so please ask us to explain the system.  We can also supply a separate bin and bags for food waste, which is also recycled.


We strongly advise you to take out travel insurance as soon as you make your booking.

As a business, we are properly insured with Pacifica, a leading French insurance company.  However, as a condition of cover they ask us to provide a list of our guests and whether they have liability cover.  We ask for your understanding and co-operation in providing these details, using the form in the welcome booklet we send you a few weeks before your arrival.

Registration and tourist tax

Non-French visitors are required to fill in a simple official registration form.  We keep these without reading them but have to submit them for official inspection if required. So far, we never have!   We still ask for your understanding and co-operation in filling in the form, which is also in the welcome booklet we send you a few weeks before your arrival.

We have to collect the tourist tax ('taxe de séjour') at a rate of €2.16 per night per person aged 18 or more.  Please help us provide an accurate return.


Electricity is expensive in France and the price goes up regularly.  We monitor our consumption from day to day and ask you to limit your consumption, for example by using eco programmes on the dishwasher and washing machine and by switching off or turning down radiators where possible. 

We charge for any excess consumption exceeding €20 in value per day including all taxes. 

If you really do not respect these basic rules and repeatedly breach them, we reserve the right to terminate your rental and ask you to leave.