Outside the gîte

Le Claouset is so much more than just accommodation.  Call it an atmosphere, an ambiance, a mood or just a feeling of well-being -- that's what we try to offer you when you come here.

Step out of the kitchen and you're in the courtyard garden.  This was once a busy farmyard crowded with animals and people, and the core of the mediaeval mini-fortress.  Now it is a place to relax with family and friends, sheltered from outside distractions.

A big mulberry tree shades the pergola, under which there are two tables: a big round one for up to about ten, and a smaller one for up to six.  They're just a few steps away from the kitchen.

Facing the tables is a play area for small children (only) -- ideally placed so you can relax under the pergola while keeping an eye on the little ones.  They have their own little dining table there, too.

Beyond the pergola is what we call the circle garden.  You can put a small firepit at its centre if the evenings are cool, and there are armchairs and a 'hammock chair' for chilling at any time. 

Across the courtyard is the games room.  It's north-facing so it's spared the intense heat of a summer's day in the Midi.  You can play table tennis or bar football, or even jump on the trampoline.  If that's too much effort, sit at the old oak table (which once stood in a monks' refectory) or in an armchair, have a cool drink and look out at the sunlit courtyard garden.

Step out through the vine-framed gate, close it behind you, turn left and you're in the pool garden.  Our pool is 9m x 5m and has steps leading down into the shallow end.  There's a shelf all the way round which is only one metre deep so it's definitely child-friendly.  There is a deep section but please don't dive.

For security our pool alarm makes sure nobody and nothing uses the pool without adult supervision.  We'll brief you on arrival.

We take care of keeping the pool itself clean and clear.  All you have to do is enjoy it.

Beside the pool is a grass lawn for games.  Pétanque is a favourite with our French guests.

The pool hut has a table for ten and lighting for when the summer sun gently eases itself behind the trees.  You'll want to keep the fridge-freezer well stocked with drinks, ice and ice creams.

You'll have your own car park for up to four cars, with overflow parking (only) across the country road.